Wind-Free Mode: The 4-directional "Wind-Free Mini Cassette" channels air through 9,000 micro-holes in the panel, providing a gentle and evenly dispersed airflow, eliminating the experience of cold and unpleasant drafts.

Enhanced Cooling Range: Optimized larger vanes ensure an expansive cooling range, enhancing air circulation throughout the room. The wide-angle airflow vane adjusts effortlessly to cool or heat every corner of the space.

Wi-Fi Control (Additional Accessory Required): Manage your home's temperature anytime, anywhere. With the "SmartThings" app, you can remotely control and monitor your air conditioner with just a tap.

Motion Detection Sensor (Additional Accessory Required): This sensor detects human presence in the room and automatically directs the airflow accordingly.

Lightweight Internal Unit: Thanks to its slim design and lightweight features (suitable for 600×600 ceiling modules), the unit's installation and maintenance become much simpler.

Integrated Humidity Sensor: The device is equipped with an integrated humidity sensor.

Smart Comfort: The "Fast Cooling" mode ensures the desired temperature is reached rapidly. The device monitors room humidity levels and maintains the optimal temperature.

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Samsung Cassette AC026RNNDKG/EU + AC026RXADKG/EU + PC4SUFMAN

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