Exclusive Cooling with OpenCart Store: "360 Cassette" – A Fusion of Style and Functionality

The "360 Cassette" doesn’t just resonate with modern interior elegance but ensures optimal room temperature distribution. With options in both black and white colors, this cassette seamlessly integrates into any space, without compromising on style.

360-Degree Spatial Cooling: Evenly distributed airflow ensures every corner of the room is cooled or heated without the discomfort of cold drafts.

No-Grille Design: The contemporary design isn't just aesthetically pleasing but also promises higher air quality without dust accumulation, maintaining consistent airflow speed.

LED Display: An integrated LED display provides a clear view and setting control of the airflow, ensuring simplicity and intuitiveness.

Powerful Airflow: Equipped with three fans, the "360 Cassette" delivers uniform and comfortable cooling.

Condensation Leak Prevention: Advanced technology helps prevent condensation buildup and leaks, ensuring room safety.

Automatic Mode Switching: With technological advancements, the device reverts to its previous setting after power interruptions.

Wi-Fi Control and Motion Detection Sensor: Additional features allow you to control the device from anywhere in the world and adjust airflow based on human presence in the room.

Choose the "360 Cassette" with the OpenCart online store and indulge in a top-tier cooling solution that caters to both your aesthetic and functional needs.

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