Unique 4-Way Cassette

The advanced 4-way cassette propels air through 15,700 micro air holes, resulting in a diffused and gentle airflow. No more chilly and unpleasant air drafts.

Wider Cooling Range

Enhanced optimized blades ensure a broad cooling range and improve air circulation in the room. The wide-air discharge control fin makes it easy to cool or heat every corner of the room.

Smart Comfort

With the "Fast Cooling" mode, the desired temperature is achieved very quickly. The device detects room humidity levels and maintains the necessary temperature.

Motion Detection Sensor (additional accessory required)

The sensor determines human presence in the room and automatically adjusts the airflow direction.

Wi-Fi Control (additional accessory required)

Control the temperature at home anytime, anywhere. With the "SmartThings" app, you can remotely control and monitor the air conditioner with just one touch.


The 4-way cassette's self-diagnostic function promptly alerts you about any malfunctions. An error code and an LED light make it easy for engineers to pinpoint any malfunction, reducing diagnosis time.

Prevention of Condensate Overflow

A built-in check valve in the condensate pump prevents the condensate from flowing back into the collection tray. This reduces the water level in the condensate tray, so you won't have to worry about condensate stagnation or leakage into the room.

Ceiling Contamination Prevention

The newly designed finishing panel directs airflow so it doesn't touch the ceiling, preventing dust accumulation. Even after extended use, ceilings remain clean.

Automatic Switching

In case of a power outage and when it returns, the air conditioner operates in the previously set mode.

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