1. Draft-free Mode with Mini 4-way Cassette: Samsung's Draft-free mode utilizes a mini 4-way cassette, whose unique construction allows it to efficiently push air through as many as 9,000 micro air holes located in its panel. This dispersed and gentle airflow ensures consistent and pleasant ventilation, preventing sudden gusts of cold or uncomfortable air streams from surprising the room's occupants.

2. Extended Cooling Range with Optimized Blades: The air conditioner's larger and efficiently optimized blades ensure a wide and consistent cooling range throughout the room. An additional broad airflow control flap gives the user the ability to easily and precisely cool or heat any corner of the room.

3. Wi-Fi Control via the "SmartThings" App: With an additional accessory installed, users can conveniently control and monitor the status of their air conditioner anytime and from anywhere using the "SmartThings" app. With just one touch, one can observe temperature changes, adjust modes, and more.

4. Motion Detection Sensor for Automatic Airflow Direction: This smart sensor (requiring an additional accessory) tracks the presence of people in the room and automatically adjusts the direction of airflow to optimally cool or heat the space based on where people are located.

5. Lightweight and Slim Indoor Unit: The indoor unit of the air conditioner has been designed to be lightweight, slim, and easily mountable. It's suitable for standard 600x600 ceiling modules, making installation and maintenance much simpler.

6. Integrated Humidity Sensor: The air conditioner comes with an integrated humidity sensor that continually monitors room humidity levels and adapts to user needs.

7. Intelligent Comfort Management: The "Fast Cooling" mode allows for achieving the desired temperature in a short time. The air conditioner not only cools or heats the air but also maintains optimal humidity, ensuring comfort.

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