Product Information "Heat Pump 9 kW Panasonic Aquarea LT L Hydrosplit A+++ 230V WiFi R290 |Heating & Cooling"

Package includes:

1x Hydromodule WH-SDC0509L3E5

1x Outdoor Unit WH-WDG09LE5

1x Additional Board CZ-NS5P (Optional)

1x 3-way Switching Valve CZ-NV2 (Optional)

Panasonic - LT Series Heat Pumps

Our high-performance Aquarea LT of the L generation is the optimal solution for a house with low-temperature radiators or underfloor heating. It can be used at external temperatures up to -25°C, covers a power range from 5 to 9 kW, and provides hot water with flow temperatures up to 75°C. The Aquarea LT can be used as a standalone system or in combination with an existing gas or oil heating system. This highly efficient solution is ideal for low-energy houses.

Panasonic Hydrosplit Heat Pumps

Hydrosplit systems consist of an outdoor unit and a hydromodule, typically installed in a boiler room or a garage, connecting both units with a water line. The systems are connected to the heating and/or hot water system.

Aquarea Smart Cloud

Aquarea Smart Cloud is a powerful, intuitive, and free cloud application for operating and remote maintenance of Aquarea systems, available anytime and anywhere.

Aquarea Service Cloud

With Aquarea Service Cloud, service companies and installers can remotely maintain the Aquarea heating systems. This allows them to perform preventive maintenance measures, optimize systems, and fix issues as they arise.

Aquarea and PV Systems (Optional)

To integrate a photovoltaic system into L-generation models, only the additional board CZ-NS4P is needed. This board facilitates modern energy management by aligning the electricity production of the PV system and the use of this self-generated electricity by the heat pump for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water preparation.

Smart Grid Control (Optional)

L-generation Aquarea heat pumps, in combination with the additional board CZ-NS4P, provide SG Ready functions and are designed for connection to an intelligent power grid ("Smart Grid").

Inverter Plus System

Thanks to the Panasonic Inverter Plus technology, the compressors achieve outstanding energy efficiencies.

High-Efficiency Pump

A high-efficiency pump for circulating water in the heating system is integrated as standard.

Domestic Water Production (Optional)

With the integrated 3-way switching valve CZ-NV1, the Panasonic Aquarea heat pump can not only produce perfectly tempered heating water but also domestic water according to your preferences.

Control of 2 Heating Circuits (Optional)

Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps with the additional board CZ-NS4P offer the possibility to control two heating circuits simultaneously. Thanks to this advanced function, you can heat your rooms individually while maximizing energy efficiency and comfort. Whether different room temperatures or different heating requirements - with the Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps you have full control over your room climate. Invest in the future and experience the diverse possibilities of the Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps.

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Pansonic WH-ADC0509L6E5 / WH-WDG09LE5

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