Economy: Highly efficient heat pump with low energy consumption, allowing savings of up to 78% on heating costs compared to electric heating systems.

Versatility: The heat pump is suitable for both floor and radiator heating, with the ability to connect to various heating systems.

A++ Rating: High heating efficiency classification.

Connection Options: Easy connection to fan-coil heaters, floor or radiator heating, solid fuel, gas or pellet boilers, solar panels, or thermostats.

Technical Specifications: Maximum supplied water temperature of 60°C, heated area up to 210 m2, heating power depends on the external temperature, refrigerant R410a, external and internal unit with water preparation capacity.

Detailed Information:

Internal Unit WH-ADC0916H3E8:

Height: 1800 mm

Width: 598 mm

Depth: 717 mm

Weight: 126 kg

Water pipe connection: 1¼

Heated water flow: 25.8 l/min

Integrated electric heater power: 9 kW

Water heater volume: 185 l

Water heater material: stainless steel

External Unit WH-UD09HE8:

Noise pressure level: 51/49 dB(A) for heating/cooling

Height: 1340 mm

Width: 900 mm

Depth: 320 mm

Weight: 107 kg

Operating range: -20 to +35 ºС

Delivered temperature: 25-55 ºC for heating and 5-20 ºC for cooling

Distinctive Advantages:

Operates in heating mode with outdoor temperatures down to -20°C.

Cooling temperature range of 5-20°C.

Constant heating power with outdoor temperatures down to -20°C.

Smart control with integrated features: water filter, water shut-off valve, water flow sensor, and cooling function.


The Panasonic Aquarea HP All in One heat pump is not only an economical and efficient choice but also offers a high degree of flexibility in connection options, integrated functions, and high quality, guaranteed by the Panasonic manufacturer.

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Panasonic WH-ADC0916H9E8 / WH-UD09HE8

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