Panasonic Aquarea LT K Series Heat Pump Set with Hydro Module and 185-liter Storage Tank | Heating | Cooling | 3.0 kW Heater.

Panasonic Aquarea LT K-Series WH-UDZ07KE5 Heat Pump | 7.0 kW | R32 | Heating | Cooling

A powerful Panasonic outdoor unit designed for installation on a roof, terrace, or exterior wall. High energy efficiency ratings. The housing, made of solid steel, is free-standing and well-protected against corrosion.

Our high-performance Aquarea LT heat pump is an excellent solution for homes with low-temperature radiators or floor heating systems. It operates down to -20°C external temperatures, delivers a power range from 3 to 16 kW, and supplies hot water with an output temperature up to 60°C.

The Aquarea LT can be used as a standalone device or combined with an existing gas or oil heating system.

This high-efficiency system is ideal for low-energy houses.

Panasonic K-Series

The Panasonic K-Series heat pumps are air-to-water heat pumps using R32 refrigerant. With their new design and increased efficiency, these heat pumps are an excellent addition to new installation systems and low energy houses.

Panasonic Split Heat Pumps

Split system kits consist of an outdoor unit and a hydro module, usually installed in a heating room or garage. These systems connect to the heating and/or hot water system.

Aquarea Smart Cloud | Optional

The Aquarea Smart Cloud is a powerful, intuitive, and free cloud app for the remote management and servicing of Aquarea systems, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Aquarea Service Cloud | Optional

With the Aquarea Service Cloud, service companies and installers can remotely monitor Aquarea heating systems. This allows them to undertake preventive maintenance measures, optimize systems, and resolve faults when they arise.

Aquarea and Solar Battery Systems | Optional

To integrate a solar battery system into K-Series models, only an additional CZ-NS5P board is needed. This additional board allows for modern energy management, aligning the production from the solar battery system with the usage of the heat pump for heating, cooling, and hot water preparation.

Smart-Grid Control | Optional

K-Series Aquarea heat pumps, along with an additional CZ-NS4P board, provide SG readiness functions and are designed for connection to a smart power grid.

Inverter-Plus System

Thanks to the Panasonic Inverter Plus technology, compressors achieve exceptional energy efficiency.

Panasonic Aquarea LT Hydro Module WH-ADC0309K3E5 | 185 liters | 3.0 kW Heater

With its compact footprint (599 x 602 mm), the new compact combined hydro modules can be evenly mounted in a row with other standard household appliances, such as refrigerators or washing machines.

And a low height helps save space when installing controlled room ventilation (CRV) systems.

The same capacity volume in a slim case.

All hydraulic parts are on top, so the slim body with a smaller footprint houses a large 185-liter water tank.

Improved magnetic filter with reduced maintenance.

Due to higher dirt separation power, the magnetic filter in the water cycle allows longer maintenance intervals.

Easier maintenance.

Maintenance-optimized design with special door mechanics facilitates access to hydraulic components. No additional buffer tank needed – this saves space, time, and installation costs.

All sensor readings are accessible via the control device, with which all measurements can be clearly viewed at the touch of a button.

In the event of insufficient energy, the hydro module automatically reduces the heat source's operation, resulting in a lower electricity bill. Also, if a solar energy system is installed, Aquarea can automatically use this energy to save even more.

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Panasonic WH-ADC0309K6E5 / WH-UDZ07KE5

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