The exterior block design blends in with the architecture and environment.

Unique low-noise Panasonic design. The compressor, which is usually the main source of noise, has a double-bottom construction. This ensures safe and quiet device operation without disturbing neighbors in densely populated areas.

Due to its very low noise level, Panasonic Aquarea is one of the most commonly used "air-to-water" type heat pumps ever.

Aquarea Smart Cloud

Aquarea Smart Cloud is a powerful and logical free service that can be used to control the Aquarea heat pump from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Simple and powerful energy consumption management with convenient Internet of Things (IoT) tools.

Aquarea Smart Cloud is much more than just a simple remote control function to turn the heater on or off. It is a powerful and intuitively understandable service for remote heating and hot water supply functions, including energy consumption monitoring.

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Aquarea Service Cloud.

Aquarea Service Cloud allows specialists to remotely service their clients' heating systems, perform preventive maintenance, and system tuning, as well as respond quickly to any malfunctions.

60 years of experience

Panasonic has more than 60 years of experience in producing heat pumps, having released an exceptionally large number of compressors. Panasonic cares about quality, and this is the foundation for success in the European market. Panasonic is your reliable partner in the heating field because we belong to the European Heat Pump Association, produce Aquarea products in Europe, and adhere to strict safety protocols on European servers for Aquarea Smart Cloud.

A 5-year factory warranty applies to Panasonic heat pumps.

Heat and cool with the Panasonic Aquarea heat pump

Panasonic Aquarea takes 80% of the required thermal energy from the outside air. Aquarea heat pumps store thermal energy from the external air and transfer it to the water, which is necessary for heating your home, producing hot water for household needs, and even cooling your home if necessary.

The Aquarea series meets the highest energy efficiency level according to the European energy efficiency rating system.

Aquarea All in One: Panasonic's best technology for your home

The "air-to-water" heat pump with an integrated household water boiler is a compact solution for your home. Due to a very low internal noise level, the Panasonic Aquarea series is also suitable for residential buildings.

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