Market Leaders: Successfully used in Europe, especially in Scandinavian countries, where the climate is similar to Lithuania's.

Economy: With the AQUAREA system, heating bills are reduced by 30-40%.

High Efficiency: AQUAREA HP (HIGH PERFORMANCE) pumps have a COP of up to 5.00, suitable for both underfloor and radiator heating.

Eco-friendly: Unlike solid fuel heating systems, heat pumps do not harm the environment.

Versatility: Can be combined with gas or liquid fuel heating systems. The Bi-BLOC system consists of an internal and external unit.

Wide Application: Ideal for homes with low energy consumption.

Connection Options: Can be combined with solar collectors, underfloor or radiator heating, or with solid fuel, gas, or pellet boilers.

ALL IN ONE models: Integrated 200-litre hot water tank, temperature sensors, Class A 7-speed circulation pumps, and inverter + system. Power options range from 3 to 16 kW for single-phase or three-phase supply models.

Modern: Uses advanced heating technologies and eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.

Compact: Occupies little space (1800x598x717), easy to install and operate.

Technical Data:

Internal Unit: WH-ADC0309J3E5, dimensions 1800x598x717 mm, weight 135 kg.

External Unit: WH-UD07JE5, dimensions 795x900x320 mm, weight 66 kg.

Heating power: 7.0 kW.

Cooling power: 6.0 kW.

COP +7°C: 4.46, COP -7°C: 2.68, EER (cooling): 2.63.

Noise levels: Internal unit 28/28 dB(A), External unit 48/66 dB(A).

Integrated heating element power: 3 kW.

Maximum water temperature: 65°C.

Temperature ranges: Outside -27/+35°C, outgoing water heating/cooling 5-20/25-55°C.

In synthesizing this data, we can say that PANASONIC AQUAREA heat pumps are an innovative, environmentally-friendly, and economical solution for heating.

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Panasonic R32 WH-ADC0309J3E5C / WH-UD09JE5

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