• Gree Soyal W1GRE-GWH12AKC-K6DNA1A/I (3,5-4,2 kw) -25

Buying the Gree Soyal W1GRE-GWH12AKC-K6DNA1A/I air conditioner means choosing a new style, the most advanced technologies, and a 7-year warranty! It's a 2021 model with unique side panels shaped like dolphin fins, an intelligent air distribution algorithm, and abundant airflow. It has the ability to automatically move blinds in vertical and horizontal modes. A modern presence sensor allows for automatic electricity savings. It boasts the highest energy efficiency class, A+++. There are two color options for the indoor unit: "Silver" and "Champagne."

The operating temperature range from -25°C to +52°C allows for the installation of the Gree Soyal air conditioner in rural homes and almost eliminates the need for a heating system, using natural gas in the climate zone of the Republic of Belarus. The "G-10" inverter operates without noise, with only 18 dB in quiet mode, allowing you to enjoy the songs of birds without having to turn off the air conditioner. Even in the event of a power grid failure, the Gree Soyal air conditioner will automatically turn on with the user settings that were in place before the outage. The soft start function allows you to use the Gree Soyal air conditioner in places where the power supply is unstable.

The built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to control the Gree Soyal air conditioner from anywhere with an internet connection using your smartphone. The remote control is equipped with the standard Gree "I-Feel" system, allowing you to control the room's air temperature where it matters most to you. For example, if you install the Gree Soyal air conditioner in the living room and place the remote control on the sofa, the Soyal will operate based on the air temperature near the sofa, not near the air conditioner's indoor unit. The remote control display can be turned off.

Users have the option to use the modern R32 refrigerant type, which saves environmental resources and reduces electricity consumption. If you need to quickly cool a room, for example, after returning from vacation to a closed and hot home, the "Turbo" mode will be helpful. In this mode, the compressor and fan operate at maximum capacity, ensuring rapid attainment of a comfortable temperature. In "Snowflake" mode, the semi-speed fan automatically adjusts the airflow rate, reducing it to a minimum. The remote control has a child lock, built-in clocks, and a timer that allows you to program the air conditioner to turn on and off at your convenience.

Attributes conditioners
Rated power (min max) cooling 3,53 (0,22-4,6)
Nominal power (min. - max.) heating 4,2 (0,8-5,2)
Electric power name (min - max) 0,82 (0,13-1,4)
Maximum current cooling A 9/6,2
Maximum current heating A 4,4/4,5
Effective efficiency EER / COP W/W 9/6,2
Energy efficiency class (cooling / heating) A+++ / A+++
Annual electricity consumption for cooling in kWh 136
Annual electricity consumption heating kWh 813
Air volume (max. / avg. / min.) internal part m³/h 800/700/550/500/400/300/270/180
Noise level (max/avg/min) indoor dB(A) 44/39/37/34/29/23/22/20
Noise level (max / avg / min) external part dB(A) 54
Dimensions (height x width x depth) inside mm 281x977x295
Dimensions (height x width x depth) outer part mm 596x899x378
Weight inner/outer 17 / 37,5
Pipe connection diameter liquid inches 1/4“
Pipe connection diameter gas inches 3/8”
Min/Max pipeline length in m 3 / 20
Maximum height difference in m 10
Operating temperature limits, (min. / max.) cooling 0C 15~52
Operating temperature limits, (min. / max.) heating 25~24
Operating temperature limits, (min. / max.) internal part 0C 16~30
Compressor type Rotorinis
Freon R32
Freon quantity/replenishment from kg/m 1,0 / 5,0
Amount of freon addition g/m 16
Cable between inner and outer Ømm² 4x1,5
Input cable Ømm² 3x1,5
Automatic switch A 16

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Gree Soyal W1GRE-GWH12AKC-K6DNA1A/I (3,5-4,2 kw) -25

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