Lomo Nordic R32 - a novelty operates with R32 refrigerant, which is 8% more efficient than R410A. Energy efficiency in the "A++" class. Operates across a wide external air temperature range. Cooling: from -15°C to +54°C. Heating: up to -25°C. Wi-Fi control via smartphone/tablet. Volumetric air flow. Auto-switching. Turbo mode. Self-diagnosis. I-Feel function. Cold Plasma filter supplementing standard filters. Quiet operation.

Manufacturer: Gree

Indoor unit type: Wall-mounted

Area of the room served, m^2: from 27

Cooling agent: R-32

Cooling power, W: 2700

Heating power, W: 2800

Cooling energy consumption, W: 820

Heating energy consumption, W: 750

Air circulation volume, m^3/h: 330-560

Warranty period, months: 60

Indoor unit noise level, dB(A): 21-41

Outdoor unit noise level, dB(A): 52

Outdoor operating temperature range, C: from -25 to +43

Modern technologies: Wi-Fi, R32 Refrigerant, Cold Plasma

Other features: I Feel, Automatic restart after power interruption, Remote control, Self-diagnosis, Turbo mode

Airflow direction adjustment: available

Fan speed control: available

Timer: available

Air drying: available

Bio filter: available

Plasma filter: available

Carbon filter: not available

Photocatalytic filter: available

Electrostatic filter: available

Deodorization: not available

Ultraviolet disinfection: not available

Indoor unit weight, kg: 9

Outdoor unit weight, kg: 29.5

Indoor unit dimensions (WxHxD), mm: 790275200

Outdoor unit dimensions (WxHxD), mm: 776540320

The Gree Lomo Nordic stands out for its very low electricity consumption and attractive price while ensuring excellent performance. An added advantage is the integrated Wi-Fi module, allowing you to control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world using a phone/tablet with the Android/iOS operating system.

Air conditioners have a silver ion filter designed to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading and preventing mold inside the device.

Features and modes of the Gree LOMO NORDIC split system:

Wi-fi module for remote control from anywhere in the world using a phone/tablet with the Android/iOS operating system.

Air ionizer.

R 32 refrigerant.

Room heating (integrated function).

Energy efficiency in the "A++A+++" class.

Operates with heating up to -25 °C and cooling down to -15 °C.

7-speed fan noise 21 dB, sleek design, 8°C maintenance function.

Remote control of louvers in horizontal and vertical directions!

Automatic fan operation mode: fan speed is determined by the microprocessor based on current air conditioner conditions.

Drying and cleaning: in this mode, the air conditioner effectively condenses and removes moisture from the room.

The possibility of operation in cooling and heating modes.

Compressor protection: software delay of compressor start after power disconnection or mode change.

Electrostatic filter: electrifies and accumulates dust with an electric charge on its surface, thereby maintaining clean air in the room.

Protection against mold and fungi: after turning off the air conditioner, the indoor unit fan continues to operate for a while, removing the remaining moisture.

Protection against cold air: in heating mode, the fan turns on with a delay, allowing the heat exchanger to warm up.

Electromagnetic compatibility: the air conditioner is resistant to electromagnetic interference and does not interfere with other devices.

The panel of the indoor unit is easily opened and closed, facilitating filter cleaning and replacement.

Low voltage start-up (198 V) for the air conditioner.

I-feel function: temperature maintenance where the remote is located.

Auto restart: when the air conditioner is turned on, it automatically returns all previously set modes.

Protection of the outdoor unit from frost: the reverse cycle allows the frost to be removed from the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit, ensuring the operation of the air conditioner at a low external temperature.

Self-diagnostic system: in case of a malfunction, the air conditioner displays an error on the screen of the indoor unit.

Self-cleaning: allows removing moisture from the heat exchanger, thus preventing mold and bacteria. This also eliminates unpleasant odors.

Air conditioner operation is allowed at low external temperatures.

Timer: the ability to program the air conditioner's on and off.

Hour display on the remote: time display on the remote.

Turbo mode: mode for intensive cooling or heating.

Night mode: ensures maximum comfort and electricity savings by automatically changing the temperature mode one hour after the mode is activated.

The airflow in the room is evenly distributed.

Multi-speed fan: the ability to choose one of the fan speeds for maximum comfort.

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Gree Lomo Nordic 2,7/3.0kW GWH09AFCK6DNA2F/O GWH09QCXB-K6DNC2F/I

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