The Gree Amber Nordic GWH09YDS6DBA1A/I GWH09YDS6DBA2A/O air conditioner allows heating a room even in temperatures as low as minus 30°C when the outdoor unit is installed. When you purchase the Gree Amber Prestige, you are getting a fully-fledged heat pump, thanks to the two-stage rotary compressor, compressor heating, and trays. It guarantees the highest level of energy efficiency at A+++ in both heating and cooling modes. To prevent excess electricity consumption and maintain a positive temperature during cold periods, you can use the temperature maintenance mode in the room ranging from +8°C to +30°C. The peace and quiet of a countryside home won't be disrupted by the noise from the air conditioner's operation, as the noise level is only 18 dB. There are seven fan speeds and three sleep modes, even for the most demanding homeowners.

The built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world connected to the internet. The Cold Plasma air purification system effectively fights viruses and helps maintain health. The airflow can be controlled vertically and horizontally using the remote control to avoid excessive cold airflow on people. An additional temperature sensor, built into the remote control, allows you to monitor the air temperature in the room that matters to you, using the "I-Feel" function. For example, if you install the Gree Amber Nordic GWH09YDS6DBA1A/I GWH09YDS6DBA2A/O in the living room and place the remote control near the heating radiator, the air conditioner will operate based on the temperature near the heating radiator rather than near the indoor unit.

In areas with unstable electrical network indicators, an intelligent system that starts and operates the air conditioner at low voltage will be useful. The Gree Amber Prestige air conditioner uses the latest R32 refrigerant.

The self-cleaning system flushes the indoor unit's heat exchanger with warm air until every drop of condensate has evaporated. This mode controls humidity and, consequently, the cleanliness of the indoor unit every time you turn off the air conditioner.

The remote control has a child lock function, built-in clocks, and a timer that allows you to program the air conditioner to turn on and off at a convenient time for you. For example, if you return home from work at 4:00 PM, the air conditioner can pre-set a comfortable air temperature at 4:00 PM, without using electricity while you're away from home. The display backlight of the remote control can be turned off. The Gree Amber Nordic GWH09YDS6DBA1A/I GWH09YDS6DBA2A/O air conditioner is equipped with a self-diagnostic system, which displays the error code on the screen, facilitating communication with Gree service in case the air conditioner operates incorrectly. In case of a power outage, the air conditioner is protected by the "Auto Restart" function - when the power supply is restored, all user settings will be restored to the settings before the power outage. The latest microprocessor ensures precise control of the inverter compressor's operation. In standby mode, power consumption is only 1 watt. The dimensions of the Gree Amber Nordic GWH09YDS6DBA1A/I GWH09YDS6DBA2A/O indoor unit are (W x H x D) 996 x 301 x 225 mm. Gree Prestige air filters are washable, so their use will not require additional operating expenses for many years.

Attributes conditioners
Rated power (min max) cooling 2,7 (0,7-5,0)
Nominal power (min. - max.) heating 3,5 (0,7-5,5)
Electric power name (min - max) 0,55 (0,075-1,8)
Maximum current cooling A 3,52
Maximum current heating A 4,63
Effective efficiency EER / COP W/W 4,91/4,7
Seasonal coefficient of performance SEER / SCOP W/W 8,5/5,7
Energy efficiency class (cooling / heating) A+++ / A+++
Annual electricity consumption for cooling in kWh 111
Annual electricity consumption heating kWh 933
Air volume (max. / avg. / min.) internal part m³/h 800/720/570/620/560/500/450
Noise level (max/avg/min) indoor dB(A) 43/41/38/36/33/31/18
Noise level (max / avg / min) external part dB(A) 53
Dimensions (height x width x depth) inside mm 301x996x225
Dimensions (height x width x depth) outer part mm 596x899x378
Weight inner/outer 13 / 44,5
Pipe connection diameter liquid inches 1/4”
Pipe connection diameter gas inches 3/8”
Maximum height difference in m 10
Operating temperature limits, (min. / max.) cooling 0C -18~52
Operating temperature limits, (min. / max.) heating -30~24
Operating temperature limits, (min. / max.) internal part 0C 16~30
Compressor type Rotorinis dviejų pakopų
Freon R32
Freon quantity/replenishment from kg/m 1,0 / 5,0
Amount of freon addition g/m 16
Cable between inner and outer Ømm² 4x1,5
Input cable Ømm² 3x1,5
Automatic switch A 16

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Gree Amber Nordic wall heat pump air-to-air, 2.7kW / 3.5kW, GWH09YDS6DBA1A/I + GWH09YDS6DBA2A/O

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  • 900.00€

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