Samsung's professional series unitary splits are a better choice in terms of saving money and energy. Economically advantageous external bodies apply advanced technologies to reduce unnecessary expenses and increase efficiency. With smart inverter control, CAC systems not only ensure quiet operation but also provide excellent cooling and heating performance. The new external units from Samsung are smaller and lighter than typical market products. This makes them much easier and more convenient to install (25% reduced weight). Using products from Samsung's professional series, there's no need to worry about additional cooling or heating when the weather conditions are harsh (high heat or cold). Cooling is possible at 50 degrees, and heating at -20, ensuring true comfort. Temperature control functions intelligently manage the compressor, achieving the desired cooling 15% faster and the desired heating 50% faster than competing products. Energy efficiency is also emphasized. Samsung's brushless DC compressors offer excellent levels of energy efficiency, and the five-year warranty sets an unmatched market standard.


Wind-Free™ Cooling without Direct Stream

Wind-Free™ cooling technology effectively maintains a comfortable comfort level without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind.

The cooled air is intelligently dispersed through 15,672 micro air holes, ensuring a comfortable room temperature.


Energy Saving with Wind-Free™

Wind-Free™ cooling allows for efficient energy savings of up to 55%.

Climate control starts cooling the air quickly using the fast cooling mode.

It then automatically switches to Wind-Free mode to maintain the desired temperature, eliminating the need to adjust work settings.


Wider Cooling Range

Larger and optimized flaps provide an even wider cooling range.


Optimized Operation

Motion Detection Sensor

The motion detection sensor allows for energy-efficient operation by automatically adjusting the airflow.

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