Wind-Free Mode: The uni-directional cassette directs air through 13,000 micro-holes, ensuring a gentle and evenly distributed airflow, without any cold or uncomfortable sensation.

Wi-Fi Control: With an additional accessory, using the "SmartThings" app, remotely adjust the air conditioner's temperature wherever you are.

Compact Design: The cassette stands only at 135 mm in height, making it ideal for installation in spaces with limited room below the ceiling.

Wide Cooling Range: A 10 cm wide vane ensures effective cooling up to an 8m2 area without any blind spots.

Smart Comfort: The cassette's humidity and temperature sensors automatically adjust to the optimal operating mode.

Maintenance: Regularly washing the cassette's filters with water keeps the device efficient.

2021 Samsung Innovation: A new uni-directional cassette with a PM1.0 filter. This is a unique air purification panel design with three filters:

Primary – captures larger dust particles.

Deodorizing – removes unpleasant odors.

PM1.0 – with an electrostatic charger, it captures the finest particles up to 0.3 μm in size and sterilizes certain bacteria. This filter is washable and suitable for multiple uses, saving costs on additional filters. Air quality can be monitored with an integrated purity indicator on the panel or through a remote control. The air purification sensor continuously tracks the indoor air condition.

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