Cassette air conditioners

Cassette air conditioners are a popular choice in many commercial spaces and larger rooms due to their efficient air distribution and discreet ceiling installation. Designed to be minimally invasive to room aesthetics, these units distribute air uniformly in four different directions, ensuring optimal heat and cold dispersion throughout the space. In addition to their unique design, cassette models are known for their quiet operation and energy-saving features, making them an ideal choice for offices, shops, and other expansive areas.

Airwell  CDMX-100N-09M25 + YDAX-100H-09T35
Airwell CDMX-035N-09M25 + YDAX-035H-09M25
Airwell CDMX-050N-09M25 + YDAX-050H-09M25
Airwell CDMX-070N-09M25 + YDAX-070H-09M25
Airwell CDMX-100N-09M25 + YDAX-100H-09M25
Airwell CDMX-100N-09M25 + YDAX-140H-05T36
AUX ALCA-H24/NDR3HYB - 90 x 90
AUX ALCA-H48/SDR3HYB - 90 x 90
AUX Kasetinis ALCA-H18/NDR3HYA - 60 x 60
Cooper Hunter CH-IC035RK + CH-IU035RK
Cooper Hunter CH-IC050RK + CH-IU050RK
Cooper Hunter CH-IC071RK + CH-IU071RK
Cooper Hunter CH-IC100RK + CH-IU100RM
Cooper Hunter CH-IC140RK + CH-IU140RM
Cooper Hunter CH-IC160RK + CH-IU160RM
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